Maua Organics
Maua Organics

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“This mask from Maua organics is an absolute GEM! My curls were the happiest I’ve seen them in a long while. I highly recommend for everyone to add it to their hair care routines, especially people with 4C hair looking for that extra boost of moisture."

Mpanja R.

"I am in LOVE with this product because it is the perfect TLC my curls have been looking for! I’ve been wanting something for a little extra deep hydration and this is it! I love that the product is easy to use and that the packaging is earth conscious and doesn’t overuse plastics. Bonus is that it smells great!"

Taylor J.

“Using the hair mask was a completely positive experience and seriously benefitted my dried ends... my 3b curls were soft and falling into their natural curl pattern. Not to mention it smelled amazing! The hair mask is the perfect pick me up, especially for harsher climates!”

Kayla D.